Human Resources Policy

As Orion International Logistics and Foreign Trade Limited Company; we select our employees from among the professionals who will fully meet the values ​​of our company and the competencies of the business and make a difference with their team-oriented performance and solution-oriented performances.

We support teamwork within the company by acting in cooperation with our employees in order to resolve the problem in the most accurate manner and in the shortest time when we encounter any problems related to our domestic or foreign customers that we provide logistics support. In a market where international trade is increasing day by day, we provide our employees with the necessary information and equipment in order to provide quality service to our customers and to ensure customer satisfaction.

We employ modern techniques in all human resources practices and processes we employ when hiring our employees. We ensure that our employees who make a difference with their superior performances make our employees more aware than expected, and appreciate their success due to their contribution to our company.

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