Company profile

As Orion International Logistics and Foreign Trade Limited Company; We set out to be a global logistics brand in the international trade world by making a difference with our innovative approaches in the logistics sector. Our company Orion Logistics, which continues its activities in international logistics, transportation and international transportation fields, aims to be your solution partner with your modern and innovative approaches in your transportation processes. In this process, we continue our services with the principles of customer relations management, diligence and honesty principles based on mutual trust that will form the solution partnership. With these principles that we adopt as principle, we are located in the sector with our young and dynamic personnel, experienced staff and our secure network of agencies, which are spread all over the world.

We mainly operate in Far East (China, Bangladesh, Indonesia etc.), Middle East (Israel, United Arab Emirates, Syria, Jordan etc.), Europe (Germany, Belgium, France etc.), America and other countries will make exports to or from these countries We hope to help you with your import shipments.

We are trying to find answers to many demands of logistics. ORION INTERNATIONAL LOJISTIK LTD, as a solution partner in the sector, we hope to serve you better with our new structuring. In the rapidly developing logistics sector, we aim to increase the type of service and to benefit our customers in every issue, to save time and cost, and consequently to bring competitive advantage to our customers.

In the combined transportation sector, we are pleased to see you in this working system by adopting a discipline, management approach, thinking style and lifestyle as a principle not only conforming to standards but also continuous development in the understanding of total quality management.

ORION LOJISTIK LTD. as well as our experienced staff and our extensive service network we provide the following services:

Container and air cargo transportation to Europe, Far East, America and Africa Countries (partial full)
Cargo and container transportation by regular shipment from Europe,
Domestic Container Transportation,
Partial and project cargo transportation,
Bonded and duty free general warehouse services (Mersin)
Container unloading, stacking, palletizing Kont

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